Traditional Teeth Replacement Options


Traditional Teeth Replacement Options

Single Missing Tooth Single Tooth Missing

Conventionally there are two options for teeth replacement.

  1. Bridge
  2. Full or Partial Dentures
Traditional Bridge Traditional Bridge
Single Implant Single Implant

Bridge procedure requires that the adjacent healthy teeth are grinded down and crowned to act as support posts for the bridge. Over time the crowned teeth may develop cavities. Leading to failure of the bridge and more healthy teeth need to be sacrificed to hold a new bridge.

All Lower Teeth Missing All Lower Teeth Missing

Full dentures are the replacement treatment option when all the teeth are missing in either the upper or lower jaw. It is a struggle to keep the dentures in place. One cannot eat all the foods because the chewing ability of the teeth is reduced by almost 10 times. Also it is quite embarrassing when the dentures slip. The denture adhesives are another inconvenience.

Loose Denture Fitted with Implants Loose Dentures Fitted with Implants

But above are only minor disadvantages. The following is a major disadvantage of missing teeth.

Our body is a single whole unit which functions optimally when every part work in collaboration with one another. If one part hurts or is missing, the functionality of the other parts is adversely affected. Same is the case with missing teeth. Once a tooth ( or several teeth ) is missing it leads to several consequences. Not only cosmetically it leaves a gap in the smile, physically it looses the chewing functionality. The chewing force or the bite force of natural teeth provides stimulation for the underlying bone in the jaws, keeping it strong and healthy. With no teeth ( especially the root ), there is no stimulation. Thereby leading to bone loss in the jaws. Eventually over time, more and more bone is lost. This makes the facial bones to reduce as well, making one look prematurely aged. Another consequence of bone loss is a receding gum line, leading to an unattractive smile.

Both the bridge and denture options do not help with preventing bone loss and gum tissue shrinkage. Because in both cases the "root" is absent which is so much necessary for the overall oral health.

With dental implant however, all the above issues are taken care of due to the close resemblance of implants to the all essential and important "root". It not only prevents bone loss by transmitting the chewing forces to the jawbone, but also allows to eat foods which were virtually impossible with the traditional treatments.

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