Meet Dr. Pravinbhai Patel

Making a Lasting Difference, One Person at a Time

Giving a person a beautiful, healthy smile, affects all parts of their life. They’re happier and healthier, enjoy life more, and are more confident in personal and professional interactions. When a patient tells me their life has dramatically changed after I’ve restored their smile and oral health, I know my training and expertise has been put to good use. I’m grateful to have these skills and the ability to use them to touch so many lives.

I’ve been a dentist for more than 20 years. I have studied and practiced dentistry in India, the United Kingdom, and here in America. I’ve completed years of training in oral surgery at different hospitals in the U.K. And for almost ten years I’ve been practicing at Pristine Dental.

My Team

When you walk in my office you’ll immediately feel at home. Every person on my team has only one mission: to help you. We want to make your visits comfortable and enjoyable, and for you to finish with a beautiful and healthy smile you love. For my team and me, you are not a patient who’s come to us for dental work: you’re a guest in our home and we’re here to serve you.

Education and Continuing Education

I attended the Government Dental College and Hospital of Nagpur University, in India. After moving to the UK, I studied at The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. I hold the following:

  • Masters of Dental Surgery: Prosthodontic, India
  • Dental Surgery: Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh
  • Fellow, International Congress of Oral Implantologists
  • Masters, International Congress of Oral Implantologists

I received the Student Plaque Award from the International College of Dentists for best performance in Dental Studies at Nagpur University. I also presented numerous scientific papers at national and international meetings while pursuing post-graduate training in Prosthodontics.

Continuing education is an essential part of my commitment to my patients’ well-being. They deserve leading-edge care that will give them the best experience and most incredible results. I’ve pursued dual-training in prothodontics and oral surgery, covering both phases of dental implant treatment. I’m skilled at the surgical placement of implants and placing the crown on the implant. Being able to perform both procedures means my patients receive all the treatment here and don’t have to worry about coordinating between multiple offices.

Personal Life

Originally from Mumbai, India, I now live in Walnut Creek with my family. Vaishali, my wife, is a computer engineer and is currently studying to become a high school math teacher. Our daughter, Drishtii, is in middle school. She plays flute and guitar in the school band.

When I’m not caring for patients or studying about the latest dental advances, being with my family is a priority. I also make a point of practicing yoga and meditation: they help me to relax and become calm and focused. I also enjoy playing table tennis and traveling.

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