Advantages of Dental Implants


Advantages of Dental Implants

dental implant
  1. Dental Implants allows you to eat foods which were virtually impossible with conventional treatment methods.
  2. The above helps to eat a healthy diet leading to healthy lifestyle.
  3. Most important, implants prevent bone loss which is unavoidable with the other treatments.
  4. Prevention of bone loss stops gum tissue shrinkage, leading to a healthy and natural smile.
  5. Prevention of bone loss also maintains the facial bone contours, thereby stopping premature aging looks.
  6. Implants are as close as possible to natural teeth in function as well as appearance.
  7. Research shows that implant supported Prosthesis increase patient comfort.
  8. Healthy teeth are not affected.
  9. Improves speech and confidence.
  10. Stops the inconvenience of using denture adhesives.
  11. Longer lasting than any other treatment options. If taken proper care, implants have been known to last 40 years and longer.
  12. Improved overall psychological health.
  13. Improves aesthetic appearance leading to a higher self esteem.
  14. Dental Implants do not get cavity.

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